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Grow your chiropractic practice with business coaching by Shawn Powers BSN DC. With Dr. Shawn Powers as your practice/business coach, you get (and stay) on purpose, articulate the value of chiropractic, run your practice better, and improve your service. More than "practice management," you'll get new patients, more referrals, and more income!
  • “After one year of business coaching with Dr. Powers I had the practice of my dreams! Lots of families, wellness care, high retention, low stress, more fun, and all cash! I get so much from coaching with Dr. Powers, I signed on for another year.”

    Dr. Gerard
    Austin, TX
  • “Dr. Shawn’s Powersource Coaching CD series is inspiring. Her passion and love for chiropractic almost jumps off the CD when you listen to her educational lessons. And you can listen time and time again. There’s always something to learn that you didn’t get the first time around.”

    Phyllis Frase, Chiropractic Assistant
    Phillips, WI
  • “Thank you for being a beacon for introspection and illumination and ideas for fun and excitement! Our patients are still talking about how you inspired them. Rock on baby!”

    Dr. Patti Galliano
  • “Dr. Shawn has helped me understand my purpose as a chiropractor, that is, moving from mechanistic treatments to reconnecting the power. Dr. Shawn has helped me articulate the value of chiropractic. Everything I say during interactions with practice members leads them to higher levels of understanding. In addition, working with Dr. Shawn as my business coach has helped me streamline and enhance treatment plans, systems, and procedures throughout my practice.”

    J. Hunter Owen, DC
    Austin, TX
  • “Dr. Power’s Powersource Coaching CDs are so helpful for refining my ‘First Three Days’ discussions with new patients, my table talk, or whatever communication goal I happen to be working on. And I can listen to them in my car! These CDs are extremely valuable. Thanks for having this resource for us Dr. Powers!”

    Dr. Sharon Roth
    Nashville, TN
  • “Dr. Shawn, your CDs rock! Across the board, your advice is high density and high quality. In particular, the advice regarding a patient appreciation/open house event is very timely. You are a blessing for me and my CAs. Thank you!”

    Roger Borbon, DC, DACNB, FACFN, CCCN
    Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
  • “It was great to hear your message and resonate with your energy. I was inspired by your presentation. I came away from your seminar a much better person and chiropractor. Thank you.”

    Dr. Peter Amlinger
  • “Dr. Powers’ coaching style is just what I needed. She gives me a push when I need it, and she listens to me when I need to talk. Her practice manual is powerful and contains specific plans to bring your practice to the next level. Most important, Dr. Powers helps you find your greater purpose and gives you the tools to express it.”

    Dr. Roth
    Nashville, TN
  • “Coaching with Dr. Shawn Powers has allowed me to grow my chiropractic practice significantly with more stability and less stress. My stats have consistently grown with none of the erratic jumps and falls that have occurred in the past due to ‘quick fixes.’ Dr. Shawn recognises my personal values and works with me, rather than trying to impose a system to which I wouldn’t relate. Consequently, I am more relaxed and having more fun, which is what chiropractic practice should be all about.”

    Dr. Mark Pope
  • “Dr. Shawn helps me funnel and direct my passion for chiropractic in ways that have helped my practice grow to record levels. Her business coaching style is personal and more tailored to my learning style. With regular phone calls, she keeps me accountable to my commitments. With Dr. Shawn’s help I have been able to see roadblocks, specifically with staffing issues. Plus, it’s great to have a role model who is a successful chiropractor. Thanks, Dr. Shawn!”

    Dr. Amy Abrams
    White Bear Lake, MN
  • “My chiropractic practice has doubled in the last year and a half. I received this note from my accountant: ‘Your profit margin is outstanding; your business coach is worth every penny.’ It’s true! My monthly fee for Dr. Powers has come back to me 100-fold. The clearness and clarity in communicating with my clients has made my practice such a joy, and my staff has been happier. They come to all the seminars with me, and they are thrilled and uplifted. Dr. Shawn has helped me create the chiropractic practice I dreamed about.”

    Dr. Deborah Kowalski
  • “I have attended Dr. Powers’ seminars and consulted with her. Plus, she has visited my office. By implementing Dr. Powers’ business coaching recommendations, we now see 700 visits a week. No matter what level your practice is, I recommend recruiting her services, talents, and knowledge. Also, I recommend Dr. Shawn’s seminar for anyone interested in practice growth.”

    Dr. Hanson
    Edmond, OK
  • “Initially my collections increased 39% and services increased 42% — all this on a 3-day workweek. The stress is gone, and I am having fun again. I’m now entering another year of coaching. It just keeps growing.”

    Dr. Skergan
    Missoula, MT
  • “My collections have tripled! I am seeing more families and am moving forward at light speed. Dr. Powers helped me clean up the clutter and get paid for what I do. I am living and working in the practice I have always envisioned.”

    Dr. Welikala
    Moorpark, CA
  • “The day I first talked to Dr. Shawn I would describe myself as exhausted and overwhelmed. I was unsuccessfully trying to balance raising two very small children and building a sustainable part-time chiropractic practice. My income was barely enough to cover expenses. In fact, my husband was helping me to make my college loan payments. Dr. Shawn began by helping me define the goals and vision for my practice as well as for my life. She helped me to organize and develop effective procedures. Our conversations were always inspiring. In a very short amount of time I saw my practice begin to grow. Today, because of Dr. Shawn’s guidance, I have a unique part-time practice that also enables me to be very present and involved with my family. My practice is thriving and my schedule is consistently full. I am easily able to pay expenses and employ an assistant. I am now working on a new goal to pay off my college loans at an accelerated rate, easily paying over three times the amount due per month. Thank you Dr. Shawn! You have turned this tired and fearful mom into a successful businesswoman. I am amazed and forever grateful!”

    Julie Vollertsen DC
    Helena, MT
  • “Dr. Powers and I have been working together for a little over a year. When I began coaching with her, I had gone through one of the most difficult years of my life. I lost my "second mom" and my grandmother within months of each other. I had gotten to the point that I didn't even want to practice anymore and dreaded going in to the clinic each day. For several years, our office had been at a plateau and had struggled to make payroll. So when Dr. Powers and I talked initially, she told me she wanted me to focus on myself for the next year. That was a totally new concept for me. The more we worked together, the better I began to feel personally and that carried over into my practice. Her passion for chiropractic and serving people is contagious and no matter what situation you bring to the table, she has a way of making you look at it from a better perspective. "Problems" become opportunities for growth. She has helped me stretch and step out of my comfort zone on many occasions this year, but as I look back I am amazed at the changes that have occurred. Not only have I grown as a leader, but our practice has grown. We are serving more people than I ever have in 18 years of practice and I can't even begin to tell you how much better off we are financially than we were a year ago. Dr. Powers has taught me so much, made me think differently and stirred in me a passion for chiropractic again. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and I am able to learn from one of the Masters in our profession.”

    Dr. Paula Batterton
    Houston, TX
  • Dr. Shawn’s business coaching has been instrumental in my life and chiropractic practice in many ways, and for many years. She helped me create an effective system to hire, train, and support my employees. She helped me identify and implement systems to run my practice systems that simplify processes, make me feel empowered, decrease my stress, and create a positive experience for our practice members. And, through the years, Dr. Shawn has offered continued support as I have evolved as a doctor, expanded my confidence and abilities, improved my efficiency, and maximized my leadership and communication skills. Finally, it’s such a bonus to be able to discuss clinical scenarios with a colleague.”    

    Kimberly A. Maxwell, DC
    Bozeman, MT